assuming you have arrived on this site because you have an interest in photography and are not just having an aimless wander around the web you will probably have looked at the images already and may even have worked out that I live a few miles from the Pennines near a group of villages called Saddleworth (east of Oldham, Lancashire). The hills and deep valleys  here are a great place to explore, in all weathers, and take the odd photo. The same sentiments apply to most of the UK and of course the rest of the planet, it really is a very beautiful world. Obviously it's mainly landscape that interests me but inanimate lumps of stone, the inexorable  march of time, and the tiny details that pass by unnoticed beneath our feet are all things  that I find fascinating. People gurning into the  camera doesn't do a lot for me and generally they just spoil the view. Especially the ones I know.

       If you feel an uncontrollable urge to comment concerning any of these images feel free to do so using the E- mail address on the contact page. Constructive criticism, or even downright abuse, are more than welcome.

     You may have a stain on the wall that needs hiding and are tired of looking at Constables Hay Wain (very 70's), or perhaps you think the image on the right would look good on a Get Well card. If so all these images are available for purchase and can be printed in various formats and sizes up to A3+, on Fine Art Paper.

          Enjoy your day,

                                   Jim Barrott.